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Servant's Heart Creed



I am a compatriot to my fellows and those who strive to better themselves.


I embrace that much has been given to me, which I readily and gratefully reciprocate in return. When I cannot reciprocate in the exact original form given, I give back in a manner which I, and only I, can uniquely give. 


I do not dismiss or disparage opportunity to learn, grow, or lead. 


I champion the empowerment of my fellows with warm welcome to the newly joined.


I know the difference between needed rest and sloth, and I spurn the latter when it manifests in me.


I fully comprehend the word “gratitude” and express it ubiquitously through my actions and attitudes. 


I repudiate self-pity and the idea that I must be addressed in a fragile manner. 


I renounce any display of arrogance or aloofness towards my fellows and find such attitudes abhorrent. 


I believe in manners; and good manners stem from good intention, not good form. 


I reject any notion of shame of my precedent story no matter how ill. For it is I who must cherish my gift of opportunity in the path it arrived and be a shining beacon of inspiration for others who suffer shame.


I decline offers of attention, gifts, or investment by those whose intentions are malignant to my ethics. 


I have learned the difference between friend or foe to my recovery journey, which my choices of companionship and association exemplify.


I constitutionally honor the reality and gravity that new fellows are watching me and modeling my example. 


I recognize that I have been blessed with purpose, which was and is a result of the willingness to immerse myself into a effective and ever evolving way of thinking and living. 


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