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Grin Grant was created and is operated by persons in long-term recovery who saw bright, determined people in committed recovery locked in low paying jobs and socially crippled due to severe oral damage from prior addiction. We believe that full recovery involves internal conditions such as hope, healing, empowerment, and connection as well as external conditions such as employment and positive social relationships.  Individuals impacted by severe dental disease suffer acute stigma, low esteem, social isolation, and limited economic mobility. In turn, their lives as citizens, parents, workers, and friends are hobbled despite their hard work and dedication to be successful and inspiring examples of recovery.  

Our Grin Grant application includes requires merit oriented sobriety milestones that must be completed or initialized prior to submission.


Provide a recent oral health examination including X-rays by a licensed dentist or dental clinic.


Must have graduated in good standing from one of our program participating sober living facilites. 


Letter of recommendation by a co-resident of the applicants sober recovery residence. 


Weekly attendance to at least one Al-Anon meeting or combination AA/Al-anon meeting.


Regular journal maintenance using an approved 12 Step recovery daily reading literature. 


500 word essay containing why they are a good candidate for a Grin Grant, the significance of a restored smile to their recoery. 


Thorough completion of the 12 Steps conducted by a sponsor or Step Study group.


Letter of recommendation by a senior staff member of their sober recovery residence.


Regular attendance to 12-step AA or addiction meetings in at least 3 different meeting locations.


Must be in good physical health with no underlying risk or incompatible conditions.


Good standing in their part-time or full-time job. 


Two in-person interviews with a board member of the Grin Grant. 

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